Foodworks Catalogue 8th – 14th February 2023

Foodworks Catalogue 8th – 14th February 2023 Page 1

Time to check out pick of the week with Foodworks Catalogue 8th – 14th February 2023! Super fresh groceries, popular snacks, favourite coffee varieties, Valentine’s Day specials, and much more are available on this catalogue.

If you are looking for some sweets for the Valentine’s Day, you should focus on this FoodWorks Catalogue! There are many good specials there. You can give the gift of bliss this Valentine’s Day! Celebrate this special day with the best products. These prices and deals are valid this week ONLY! So you have 7 days! Let’s visit their stores and find the best at cheaper prices!

FoodWorks Specials This Week

  • Arnott’s Tim Tam Chocolate Biscuits 165-200g Selected Varieties, $2.25
  • Connoisseur Ice Cream 4/6 Pack Selected Varieties, $4.75
  • Golden Circle Fruit Drink 1l Selected Varieties, $1.40
  • Nescafe Sashets 6-10 pack Selected Varieties, $3.80
  • Huggies Nappy Pants 24-36 pack Selected Varieties, $10.59
  • Valentine’s Day Heart Pillow, $4 each.
  • Cadbury Chocolate Favourites, $11 each.
  • Lindt Master Collection 184g, $10 each.
  • Peters Hava Heart Ice Cream 4 pack, $4.50
  • Global Raw Prawns 500g, $18.50
  • Baby Spinach Rocket & Mescluin Salad Mixes 100g, $3.69
  • Lilydale Free Range Breast Fillet skin off, $15 kg.
  • Farm Fresh Continental Cucumbers, $2.69 each.
  • Australian Gold Brie or Camembert Cheese 115g, $4.95
  • Don Kabana Minis Bag or Lunchbox Stix 160g, $4 each.
  • Primo Salami Knob or Twiggy Sticks 200g, $6 each.